Music CDs:


Sixth Sense - Stillness with Karlton Hester and Stephanie Phillips

Electric and Acoustic Improvisations Vol. 1 with Tim Summers

Saraswati Steps Up To Bat

Ludi Fecundus

Merging at Merging One with Ellen Burr

Hamadryas with Loren Ludwig

Earth's Answer

Wheel of Time

Moon Music # 1 and Trumpetvine Sonata

Free Play with Ron Fein


Visual Music DVDs:

Coming in 2012: Viola da Synæsthesia

Taming the Mind Ox & Theater Games

William Blake's Illustrations of the Book of Job


Visual Music Tone Painter

Mind's Moiré

First Life


Works by Ron Fein:


Music for non-cooperative ensembles

Roads to Chaos

Desert Ragas


Teaching & Performance:

Free Play Productions

International Society for Improvised Music